Merle Michaels appeared in some of the all-time classics of early 80's erotica, making her mark in films like 'Babylon Pink' Her best performance, though, can be found in 1979's 'Sizzle.' Merle Michaels plays a kidnap victim who turns the tables on her captors by becoming the most insatiable, sex-crazed woman any of them have ever seen. It's a funny and sexy role that Merle Michaels plays to heat-inducing perfection. Merle Michaels left the business in late 1982, having sexed her way through over fifty hardcore features in less than five years. Anyone interested in early porn could do much worse than focusing on this wanton woman's always exciting career. ained the heigts of porn stardom that some of her contemporaries did, but Marlene Willoughby staked out a place for herself as a starlet who could be counted on for a solid performance and some scorching sex whenever she appeared on screen.

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